The Importance of Background Checks on Potential Employees

July 29th, 2016

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When businesses are looking to hire new employees, they want the most qualified and trustworthy candidates, especially for positions that handle money, sensitive information, or personal care. While thorough background checks have upfront costs, screening employees before hiring them can prevent costly disasters. Consider the cost-saving benefits of background checks. They:

  • Enable employers to hire the most qualified candidate. A recent survey found that 58% of hiring managers have caught lies on resumes. The most common lies are embellishment of skill set or responsibilities, actual job title, and dates of employment. This makes it highly likely that the “qualified candidate” you are considering is not as qualified as they claim. With our Philadelphia employee background investigations, we can verify their employment history and qualifications, saving you the potential headaches associated with an unqualified employee.
  • Reduce the rate of employee turnover. If you are unfortunate enough to hire an employee who has misrepresented their abilities, you will tolerate their substandard work for only so long before you fire them and start the hiring process all over. This takes a toll on your ability to conduct business and can harm your reputation with customers, as well as wasting valuable time on multiple hiring sessions.
  • Avoid negligent hiring claims. Aside from exposing lies on applications, background checks also discover indications a potential employee may be untrustworthy or pose a risk to others. Failure to do a thorough background check can result in costly and time-consuming legal proceedings.

The Benefits of Background Checks From an Experienced Philadelphia Private Investigator

At Know It All Intelligence Group, we offer custom employment screening solutions to Philadelphia businesses. We offer three background check solutions:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Executive

From here we can tailor the reports to match your unique hiring needs. Whether you want to verify an applicant’s license or certification or need a thorough motor vehicle history, Know It All has you covered. If you aren’t sure what services you need, contact us and one of our research specialists will help you choose a Philadelphia employment screening package that matches your precise hiring needs.

Choose Know It All for All Your Employee Background Check Solutions in Philadelphia

For over 16 years, Know It All’s qualified, professional investigators have been putting their expertise to work for businesses throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our fast and accurate results make us industry leaders, and our trained research specialists are always available to answer any questions about your report so that you can make your hiring decision with confidence.

Call Know It All Intelligence Group today at 888-281-9535 and get peace of mind for all your hiring decisions.

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