Litigation Support Services

When you need an investigator in Pennsylvania, call us. Know It All Intelligence Group is the Philadelphia region’s premier corporate and legal investigative services firm. We have investigators with specialized areas of experience to provide litigation support services to Philadelphia area law firms.

Our Litigation Support Services include:

  • Asset Searches
  • Witness Locates
  • Defendant Locates
  • Interviewing
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Background Investigations
  • Computer Forensics (Recovery and Examination)
  • Intellectual Property Investigations
  • Family Law Investigations (Divorce, Custody, Support)
  • Missing Persons / Runaways
  • Skip Tracing
  • Due Diligence
  • Video and Audio Enhancement
  • Surveillance
  • Photo / Video Services
  • TSCM / Bug Sweeps

Skip Trace Division

Our skip tracing investigations can provide you with location information of witnesses, deadbeat parents, debtors, defendants, missing persons, and others that may not want to be found.  Almost all private investigators claim they can offer skip tracing, but we deliver results.

We have a full-time division that handles only skip traces and subject locates.

Our investigators utilize a combination of human intelligence, proprietary data sources, public information and other sources to find your subject.  Don’t trust your subject locates to someone who just uses outdated databases, Trust Know It All Intelligence Group.

Know It All Intelligence Group provides you with a thorough skiptrace report containing quality information that you can use to determine your person’s location.  By using Know It All Intelligence Group for your skip trace investigations, you are accessing more than 100 years of combined field investigative experience.  Instead of making failed attempts at locating people by using outdated online databases, Hire Us First.  We are experienced in finding those who do not want to be found.

Case Study:

An adopted woman from Indiana had been looking for her half-siblings for close to 20 years through various methods, public records, etc.  She even turned to Facebook for help.  Her post on Facebook was shared thousands of times until it finally reached our office. Know It All Intelligence Group took her case pro bono and within 48 hours of her original Facebook post, we had found her half-brother who was living in Ohio and her half-sister who was living in Illinois.

Here’s a news story about the case that aired on Fox59 in Indiana:

Asset Searches

Know It All Intelligence Group is experienced in finding the “Money Trail”. Our investigators have located millions of dollars in assets for our clients.  We will thoroughly investigate all evidence to find any assets a subject may have, such as securities, real property and even bank accounts. We can provide you with a report, including photo or video evidence of real property assets.  Our expert investigators have specialized experience in tracking assets from the most simplistic case up to multi-country money laundering enterprises.  All of our asset searches comply with The Gramm-Leach Bliley Act.

Witness Interviews

Know It All Intelligence Group can obtain interviews and statements from your witness, employees or subjects.  Our investigators have years of experience as federal investigators.  Our field investigators will systematically interview your subject and prepare a report based on facts.

Criminal Defense Investigations

We specialize in Criminal Defense Investigations. We know that innocent people are charged with crimes everyday and it is our job to ensure you are not wrongly convicted. We understand that our investigation is critical to your defense.  That is why our investigators in the Criminal Defense Division have over 100 years of combined Local, State and FederalLaw Enforcement Investigative experienceThe mission of this division is to help our clients win. Our expert investigators will thoroughly reconstruct your case and examine every detail.  We work closely with defense counsel to determine every possible defense strategy.

Having a hard time tracking down your current investigator?  Always having to leave a voice mail and wait days for answers? Most investigators are a “one man show”, not us.  Know It All has been in business for over 10 years and has a dedicated office support staff to answer your questions and give you updates at any time throughout the investigation.

When you retain Know It All Intelligence Group, you can be confident that your case is being handled promptly and professionally.

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