Know It All Intelligence Group is the Philadelphia region’s premier corporate and legal investigative services firm. We specialize in a number of different investigation techniques and skills. If you are in need of some investigative services look no further than Know It All Intelligence Group.

Skip Trace Division

Our skip tracing investigations can provide you with location information of witnesses, deadbeat parents, debtors, defendants, missing persons, and others that may not want to be found.  Almost all private investigators claim they can offer skip tracing, but we deliver results.

Know It All Intelligence Group provides you with a thorough skiptrace report containing quality information that you can use to determine your person’s location.  By using Know It All Intelligence Group for your skip trace investigations, you are accessing more than 100 years of combined field investigative experience.  We are experienced in finding those who do not want to be found.  Hire us first, instead of finding us last after failed attempts of locating people by using outdated online databases.

Missing Persons / Runaways / Runaway Teens

Our investigators are experienced in dealing with missing person / runaway situations.  During this difficult time, you need a point person to coordinate all search efforts.  We gather leads, follow up on leads and utilize our professional network to get your loved one home safe.  We offer toll free tip lines, social media pages, media coverage and other techniques to maximize awareness of your missing / runaway loved one.  If law enforcement agencies are involved, our skilled investigators will work with them to ensure that your missing loved one is a priority and stays in the forefront of the community.

Asset Searches

Know It All Intelligence Group is experienced in finding the “Money Trail”. Our investigators have located millions of dollars in assets for our clients.  We will thoroughly investigate all evidence to find any assets a subject may have, such as securities, real property and even bank accounts. We can provide you with a report, including photo or video evidence of real property assets.  Our expert investigators have specialized experience in tracking assets from the most simplistic case up to multi-country money laundering enterprises.  All of our asset searches comply with The Gramm-Leach Bliley Act.

Witness Interviews

Know It All Intelligence Group can obtain interviews and statements from your witness, employees or subjects.  Our investigators have years of experience as federal investigators.  Our field investigators will systematically interview your subject and prepare a report based on facts.

Municipal / Local Government

Know It All Intelligence Group understands the specific needs of local government.  Our specialized investigators can obtain information to safeguard tax payer dollars.  We have conducted services for municipalities and school districts in the following areas:

  • Pupil/Student Residency Investigations – One student that resides outside of your school district can cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.  Given the recent economy, more and more school districts are hiring professional agencies to investigate students suspected of living outside of the district.
  • Background Investigations – We are considered experts in the area of employment screening.  Our firm knows exactly where to go to get the information you need when hiring a top-level official in your municipality.  We work with your selection and recruitment boards to ensure that you will be making an informed decision.
  • Employee Activity Checks & Misconduct – Know It All Intelligence Group has specialized field investigators to conduct routine surveillance on your employees to ensure they are properly using municipal issued vehicles and property.  Some of our investigations have revealed employees using city vehicles for personal use, which was a violation of their use.
  • Building Security – Know It All Intelligence Group’s security systems expert will assess your exact needs and work with your law enforcement agency to develop a physical security program consisting of Alarms, Cameras and Access Control.

Family Law Investigations (Divorce, Custody, Support & More)

Know It All Intelligence Group has highly trained investigators to handle your family law investigations.  Rumors from the children aren’t enough to prove unfit behavior by a parent.  Our investigators can obtain the proof you need to make the case before a judge.  Are you trying to collect support from a parent, but they claim they are not working?  We can help you get the evidence you need to prove that the spouse is working. From background investigations to surveillance, we will work with you and your lawyer to develop an investigation that will go hand in hand with your case.

Nanny / Caregiver Background Investigations

Before you hire that nanny or caregiver, do you know enough to trust them with your child or other loved one?  We can conduct a full and thorough background investigation to include Driving Record, Criminal Background, Social Media Background, Child / Elder Abuse Registry, Sex Offender Registry and more.

Workers Compensation Investigations

Did they really get hurt at work? Our experienced investigators will provide you with the facts that you need to determine whether or not a claim has merit.  We conduct interviews with all parties involved to determine the facts of the incident.  Don’t wait, workplace injuries must be investigated immediately before evidence is lost.

Claims Fraud Investigations

Know It All Intelligence Group partners with insurance companies to identify fraud and auditing suspect insurance claims.  We have trained field investigators that obtain the necessary evidence needed.

“Bug Sweeps” / TSCM Services

Do you ever have that feeling that you are being watched, listened to or followed?  If you are, our expert TSCM technicians will confirm it and find the source.  We will give you that “peace of mind” knowing that your home, office or vehicle is free from listening or recording devices.

We search for:

  • Audio Bugs
  • Audio / Video Recorders
  • Computers
  • Hidden Cameras
  • GPS Trackers
  • Phones
  • And More…

Corporate Investigations / Due Diligence

Know It All Intelligence Group is your independent and impartial party to investigate any loss or liability to your company.  Here are just some of the investigations we have done for companies:

  • Internal Theft Investigations (Data, Property, Trade Secrets, Fraud, Embezzlement)
  • Non-Compete Agreement Enforcement
  • Contract Enforcement
  • Employee / Franchise Compliance Audits
  • Sexual Harassment Investigations
  • Workplace Violence Investigations
  • Disgruntled Employee Mitigation
  • Investigations into employees misusing company computers
  • Due Diligence Investigations

We will provide you with fact based information you need to make an informed decision.

Corporate Training

Know It All Intelligence Group offers training to your management and staff in the following areas:

  • Workplace Violence
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Computer / Internet Safety & Privacy – Geared towards Competitive Intelligence
  • General Workplace Security
  • Emergency Incident Awareness Training (Bomb Threats, Active Attacker/Shooter, Disgruntled Employee, etc.)
  • Loss Prevention / Customer Service Experience
  • Safe Hiring Techniques (Geared towards Human Resources, Recruiters)

All of our training is done at your location by qualified individuals who have specialized experience.  If you need a training program on a subject not listed, please contact us.  We can develop a training module based on your specific needs.