A lot of companies claim they can find your birth parents, siblings or adopted child, but we deliver results.

Our birth family search investigations can provide you with the answers that you have been searching years for with no luck.  We have reunited many birth parents, siblings and adoptees that have exhausted all other efforts to find their loved ones.

By using Know It All Intelligence Group for your people search investigations, you are accessing more than 100 years of combined field investigative experience.  We are experienced in locating birth parents, siblings and adopted children all over the United States.

Instead of making failed attempts at locating people by using outdated online databases, Hire Us First.  We are experienced in finding those who have been difficult to find.

Proven Results:

Dawn Price, who was adopted when she was 5 years old, had been looking for her half-siblings for close to 20 years through various methods, public records, etc.  She even turned to Facebook for help.  She took a picture of herself holding a sign that had information about who she was looking for.  She posted that picture to the Facebook pages of a few television news channels in her hometown in Indiana. Her post on Facebook was shared thousands of times until it finally reached our office in Pennsylvania. Know It All Intelligence Group took her case pro bono and within 48 hours of her original Facebook post, we had found her half-brother who was living in Ohio and her half-sister who was living in Illinois.

Here’s a news story about the case that aired on Fox59 in Indiana:

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