Why Hire a Private Investigator to Find a Missing Person?

October 20th, 2016

missing persons investigator

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When your loved one goes missing, it is a scary and difficult time. There are certain steps you should take, one of which – after contacting the police – is contacting a Bucks County private investigator.

On average, 750,000 people are reported missing annually, and there up to 90,000 missing persons cases at any given time in the United States. Of that, 60% are adults and 40% are minors. Police departments are often juggling a heavy caseload, limited manpower, and protocols that determine how long they can look for someone before labeling it a “cold case.” By hiring a Bucks County private investigator to find your missing loved one, you will have someone devoting all their time and attention to your case until your loved one is found. A private investigator will keep up the search as long as you are still looking for answers.

How Does a Private Investigator Locate a Missing Person?

  • Networking – We put together social media pages and garner media coverage to ensure your case stays at the forefront of the community. We have an extensive professional network as well that is another reliable source of leads and information.
  • In-person searches – In addition to gathering and following up leads, we monitor places the missing person may visit based on their interests and habits. We also search hospitals, train stations, and other facilities where they may be. We question witnesses, conduct background checks, and offer a toll free tip line.

Unlike police, Bucks County private investigators can devote their time exclusively to your case. They also have more freedom in investigating as they are not bound by jurisdiction. If information shows that your loved one is another state – or even another county – a private investigator can go in person to conduct the search whereas police would have to enlist the help of local departments.

Contact Know It All, the Expert Missing Persons Investigators in Bucks County

For over 16 years, Know It All has been helping families find their loved ones. During this stressful time we act as your point person to coordinate all search efforts and work closely with law enforcement to ensure your missing loved one is a priority. If you need to locate a missing person in Bucks County, contact Know It All today.

Know It All is currently conducting a missing persons investigation in Bucks County. You can find Esma Donuk‘s profile here and there is also a flyer available for download. We ask that you share this information; maximum awareness is key in bringing loved ones home safe. If you have any tips or leads, please contact Detective Asmann at Bristol Township Police (215) 785-4040 or call Know It All Intelligence Group’s Anonymous Tip Line at (866) 931-TIPS (8477).

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