Preventing Workers’ Compensation Fraud in Philadelphia

November 3rd, 2016

workers' compensation fraud

Photo: Esther Max, Flickr Creative Commons

Last week we talked about ways employers can detect workers’ compensation fraud. This week we’d like to discuss steps employers can take to prevent and/or lower the risk of fraud in their workplace.

7 Ways Employers Can Prevent Fraud in the Workplace

  1. Promote a fraud-free workplace with training – Proper employee training can mean the difference between an occasional claim or a chronic problem of workers’ compensation abuse in Philadelphia. Employers should ensure that all employees understand what workers’ compensation is and that it is illegal to take advantage of this program.
  2. Employee fraud reporting – Employees are much more likely to hear about fraud than a supervisor or manager. Take note if employees express skepticism about a claim and let employees know how they can anonymously report fraud. 
  3. Pre-employment screening – Employees who commit workers’ compensation fraud can often be weeded out with thorough pre-employment screening practices. Know It All’s Philadelphia pre-employment screening services included reviewing employment, criminal, education, and driving records, as well as researching previous workers’ compensation claims, if any.
  4. Install video cameras – Video monitoring is a proven method for preventing and catching fraud and other workplace crimes.
  5. Have a plan in place to deal with injuries – Even with the best safety measures in place, accidents do happen, so it is important to be prepared. Designate someone to be in charge when an injury occurs and have them gather witness statements and send the injured employee to your designated medical provider. They should keep records of when and where the accident occurred, the nature of the injuries and any other observations deemed relevant. You can then compare this record to the reported findings of the workers’ compensation agent to see if that report is consistent with the initial accident report.
  6. Start a safety program – Make workplace safety a priority by holding regular safety meetings and rewarding workers for meeting safety milestones. Also use posters, flyers and newsletters to stress safety procedures. A safe workplace makes fake injuries harder to legitimize.
  7. Pave the way for employees to return to work – Reassure injured employees that every attempt will be made to get them well again and back to work. Prepare a written return-to-work plan that includes temporary or alternative duties. Supervisors should also communicate regularly with injured employees. Many injured workers feel isolated or resented by their employer for making a claim, and disgruntled employees are more likely to exaggerate claims. Phone calls to injured workers can demonstrate that the business appreciates them and wants them back.

Know It All: Philadelphia’s Premier Workers’ Compensation Fraud Investigators

If you suspect a false workers’ compensation claim, Know It All’s experienced Philadelphia private investigators will conduct interviews with all parties involved and provide you with the facts you need to determine whether or not a claim has merit. For over 17 years, Know It All has been helping companies in Philadelphia conduct pre-employment screening and workers’ compensation investigations. Contact Know It All today and put our expertise to work for you.


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