Know It All Intelligence Group provides traditional ink fingerprinting services by expert fingerprint technicians for licensing, certification, employment, background checks, Canadian Immigration, Personal FBI Record Review, and other purposes.  We also now offer FAST FBI Background Checks with Results available same day.  Click here for more information on our FAST FBI Background Checks.

Our ink fingerprinting services are done at our office, conveniently located off of all major highways (I-95, US Route 1 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike).  Our in-house ink fingerprinting services are convenient for those located in Philadelphia, Montgomery County and Bucks County.

We offer walk in service Monday through Friday 9:45am to 5:00pm, however an appointment is highly recommended for our ink fingerprinting services.  Our appointments can be made to fit your schedule.

You can book your ink fingerprinting appointment online: Schedule Appointment

Mobile Fingerprinting Service

If you have a large group or organization, we can offer mobile fingerprinting service for ink fingerprinting throughout Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County and Delaware County.  We will also travel to Wilmington, Delaware and parts of Southern New Jersey.

If you’re an employer or school that needs your applicants, students or volunteers to be ink fingerprinted, contact us to schedule our PA mobile fingerprinting service.  Our fees vary depending upon the location and number of applicants to be fingerprinted.

We offer convenient hours and can schedule an appointment that is based on your availability.

FBI FD-258 Fingerprint Cards

We always have a supply of the original FBI FD-258 fingerprint cards available.  If you do not have your own cards, we can supply you them at no charge.

Our Ink Fingerprinting Guarantee

We guarantee our fingerprint approval.  If your fingerprint card is rejected by either the FBI or State Agency, we will retake your fingerprints at no charge to the you.  Please be advised, even an experienced fingerprint technician can have a difficult time getting good quality prints on some applicants. Fingerprints can be rejected for reasons beyond our control. Some of the most common reasons are work-worn hands with faded or cracked skin texture, cuts, scars, and calluses. While it is not required, we do suggest that you have two sets of prints taken so that if one card is rejected, the agency has a duplicate card to use.

Our Rolling Fees for Ink Fingerprinting:

$27.50 per card if paying by Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express

$25.00 per card if paying by cash

We provide fingerprint cards at no additional cost.  We utilize standard FBI FD-258 Cards.

While it is not required because of the extra cost involved, some of our clients have two sets of prints taken. Poor quality prints may be rejected by the FBI, and even an experienced fingerprint technician can have a difficult time getting good quality prints on some applicants. Work-worn hands with faded or cracked skin texture can make fingerprints more difficult to roll.