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Know It All Intelligence Group provides custom employment screening solutions to meet your business’ safe-hiring needs. All background checks start with one of the solutions listed below. From here, we create a custom report tailored to your exact hiring needs. Whether you are hiring an entry-level employee or a high level corporate executive, we have the background screening solution for you.

Basic Background Check

  • Social Security Number Trace/Verification
  • One-County Criminal Check

Standard Background Check

  • Social Security Number Trace/Verification
  • Criminal Checks in All Counties identified by SSN Trace/Verification for the past 7 years
  • KNOW IT ALL Crimebase Check (criminal database of over 250 million records)
  • Multi-State Sex and Violent Offender Check

Executive Background Check

  • All Standard-level Background checks
  • Verification of all academic credentials and professional certifications
  • Verification of all references

Not sure what you need? Contact Us to speak with a research specialist who will put together a no-risk employment screening package tailored for your exact hiring needs.

Service Listings

Employment Screening Services in Philadelphia, PA

Know It All Intelligence Group prides itself on providing thorough results for its clients. We consider even the smallest job to be an integral component to the operational success of our clients’ business. Why screen your applicants? We think the core values listed after each of the services below will make the answer clear to you.

Social Security Number Trace

  • Verifies basic personal data
  • Lists approximately 10 years of address information
  • Lists all aliases or maiden/married names used
  • May show Date of Birth information
  • Allows for more thorough criminal records check

County Criminal Record Check

  • Reveals applicant criminal history on a county level
  • Hand searched at the county courthouse
  • Most reliable, current and accurate criminal information available

Federal Criminal Record Check

  • Searches for crimes that don’t fall under local or state jurisdiction
  • May include some white-collar crimes (embezzlement, tax fraud, etc.)
  • Includes Interstate and Organized Crime

Multi-State Sex and Violent Offenders

  • Lists names from registries in all 50 states and the District of Columbia
  • Contains currently registered violent and sex offenders with felony conviction records
  • Supplements on site courthouse searches

Multi-State Crimebase

  • Contains Corrections Department and other Court information from over 49 states.  Contains over 250 million records.
  • Supplements on site courthouse searches

Employment Verifications

  • Verifies basic employment information
  • Can reveal lapses in employment or misstated experience

Education Verifications

  • Verifies basic education information
  • Date of graduation, degree received and major are verified.
  • Reveals exaggerated education credentials

Professional License/Certification Verifications

  • Verifies License/Certificate status with the State Licensing Bureau
  • May reveal disciplinary actions, suspensions or revocations.

Credit Reports

  • Provides a history of the applicant’s credit worthiness
  • Often reveals other public record information

Motor Vehicle Records

  • Verifies license in the state of issuance
  • Reveals any driving infractions or suspensions

Lab Based Drug Testing

  • 5 or 10 Panel Drug Testing
  • DOT Specifications Available
  • Nationwide Testing Locations

Can’t find a service? If you believe you have a request that is not addressed above, please contact us so we can get you the information you need to make the right decision.