Our Earth Day Contribution

April 22nd, 2013

In honor of Earth Day, I figured I would tell you about some of the ways Know It All Intelligence Group is committed to Going Green every day.earth3

First, in our security division we run on paperless reporting.  Each of our security officers are equipped with GPS enabled Smartphones or tablets with our proprietary reporting software.  Our clients can log into our system 24/7 and see exactly what is happening at their location without having to wait for a paper report.  Our software can also alert our client or their maintenance team to an incident as it is happening.  By utilizing a paperless reporting system, we not only are helping to cut down on paper, but we are getting our reports to the client faster.  This is why we are the premier security guard companies in the Bucks, Philadelphia and Montgomery county areas.


Next, our employment screening and investigations division is a mostly paperless environment.  Since 1999, we have invested heavily in technology which allows our clients to log in to our secure interface and submit requests either directly or through our integration with all of the top Applicant Tracking Systems.  From entry to results reporting, everything is paperless.  Our researchers work mostly off of laptops at the courthouse receiving requests from us electronically and entering results directly into our researcher interface.  By having an automated office, we can cut down the turnaround time of reports drastically.  This results in you being able to make a hiring decision and hiring offer quicker than others still utilizing paper reports.


Finally, the paper that we do use in our office is securely shred by Titan Mobile Shredding, a NAID AAA Certified company.  Once our paper is shred according to document destruction guidelines, the finely shredded paper is processed and recycled into new paper products.


We are committed to “Go Green” and we try to make every day Earth Day!

For more information about our nationwide Employment Screening and Investigative Services or our regional Pennsylvania Security Guard Services, visit us at www.knowitallgroup.com.


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