10 Things a Philadelphia Nanny Background Check Should Include

December 1st, 2016

Nanny background checks

In our last blog post we covered the basics of getting background checks on nannies, and now we will take a closer look at what, exactly, a thorough Philadelphia background check should cover.

What Should a Philadelphia Nanny Background Check Process Include?

  1. Identity confirmation – Before the background check begins, you must confirm the candidate’s identity. Ask for documents (such as birth certificate, Social Security card, and driver’s license) that you can use to cross-reference with the information provided on the background check authorization and employment application forms.
  2. Social Security number verification – A SSN verification will report all names, addresses and phone numbers that are associated with that particular SSN. This information is gathered anytime someone applies for credit or opens a utility account.
  3. Criminal records check – Criminal records checks should go back 7 years and cover every address listed under the SSN verification. While there is an overabundance of online sites claiming to perform free background checks, they are generally searching an outdated national database that does not contain all records for all states. That is why we supplement our database research with in-person courthouse records searches. When requesting a criminal background check, you want to be sure it includes both misdemeanors and felonies, since these records often fall under different courts and jurisdictions.
  4. Civil records search – This is an important aspect of Philadelphia pre-employment screening that parents may not be aware of. A civil records search reports legal actions filed by individuals and businesses against other individuals and businesses. The search goes back 7 years and includes information on both the plaintiff and the defendant in these cases. If your candidate has a habit of suing former employers, it is important to know this information beforehand.
  5. Sex offender registry – The sex offender registry is accessible to the public, and a thorough nanny background check should include this critical search.
  6. Motor vehicle records check – If your nanny is going to be transporting your children, you want to know they are a safe and responsible driver. Some states allow employers to request copies of an individual’s driving record, but others require the individual to request the copy and then give it to the employer themselves.
  7. Education and license verification – If a nanny candidate claims to have specific training or education, you can request copies of transcripts and diplomas and contact schools, colleges and licensing boards to verify their claims.
  8. Reference checks – You should speak with at least three references when screening a potential nanny, preferably two former employers and one personal reference. A reference interview should confirm the factual information the candidate provided and ask open-ended questions as well. Pay attention to the tone and demeanor of the reference during the interview: often what someone doesn’t say is as important as what they do say.
  9. Social media search – As we pointed out last week, social media does not always give us an accurate picture of someone, but it can prove enlightening. It can sometimes raise red flags that are then confirmed through a Philadelphia background check.
  10. Credit check – This check is up to your discretion. Some nannies and employers feel that a credit check is intrusive and has nothing to do with the quality of care the nanny will provide. However, other employers feel it is important to know someone’s financial situation and history before they are comfortable having said stranger in their home.

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